The Program

The CRS/E is an eight-week summer program for promising girls with good intellectual resources (but not necessarily from high-resource backgrounds). The summer school has run since 2001. The school has no national, political or religious affiliation. Attendance is free of charge for the girls.

Significant activities in the program are:

Leadership responsibility
Each day the program is led by a group of seven participants who are responsible for different areas of activity. This form of leadership exemplifies an important goal of the program: to strengthen the participants’ inclination and skill.

Team work (one hour a day)
The participants work in groups on such practical chores as kitchen work and cleaning.

Instruction (two hours a day)
Participants, instructors or guest teachers give presentations with subsequent discussions.

Project work (two hours a day)
The participants work in self-elected groups on different projects, usually of a practical nature. The main purpose of the projects is to benefit the local community. Various leadership strategies are tried out, and project management is practiced.

Evening program (five times a week)
Varies between education and entertainment.

During the summer, a musical is produced, rehearsed and performed. The musical attracts an audience of local people and a number of the girls’ parents and other visitors.

Council campfire (once a week)
The co-workers of the summer school, and sometimes guest instructors, reflect on personal experiences. The campfire talks invite introspection and reflection.

All the girls will go on a three-day hike in the local natural environment. They hike in any weather, and camp in tents in primitive conditions.
The entire group also goes on a three-day trip to Brussels where they meet representatives of the EU political and administrative system.

A weekly journal, written and edited by the participants, describes the events of the summer.