Financial Situation

GEJF has a basic endowment of 260,145 DKr as of January 2010.

The cost of a camp season is 1-1.1 million DKr (140,000 €). The distribution of expenses is approx.
1/3 to salary, 1/3 to food and activities and 1/3 to rent of camp, facilities and transport.

The camp is free of charge for the girls.

The main items of the financial statements from the last three years (2007-2009) can be seen here.

Over the years we have received large donations from LAJF, The Dart Foundation, EU and a private donor, and several smaller donations from other European CRS alumni associations and individual alumni.

Since the foundation’s basic endowment is small, the board must find means every year for running the season, and we therefore seek donations in many ways. If you want to donate you can:

1) Donate Online by Credit Card
You can support CRS Europe and GEJF from anywhere in the world. Donations with PayPal are fast, free and secure! You can use any major debit or credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express). This can be done on the left side of the page!

2) Send a check by mail
Mail us your check, payable to "The George E. Jonas Foundation" to:
George E. Jonas Foundation
C/o Torsten Enemærke
Søllestedvej 2
DK 5620 Glamsbjerg

3) Wire Transfer of Funds
Donations may be transferred from any bank around the world to
Bank information:
Danske Bank
Glamsbjerg afdeling
Søndergade 5
DK 5620 Glamsbjerg


Account IBAN: DK08 3000 3612 4231 13
(IBAN = International Bank Account Numeration):
The accountholder is The George E. Jonas Foundation.