Mission Statement

The George E. Jonas Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Denmark, dedicated to developing in promising young people from diverse backgrounds a lifelong commitment to sensitive and responsible leadership for the betterment of their communities and the world.

The mission of the George E. Jonas foundation is:

  1. To foster an appreciation of both the diversity and the common humanity of the participants and encourage lasting friendships across boundaries of colour, religion, gender, and nationality.
  2. To expand the participants' intellectual horizons through serious discussion of personal and world issues and by encouraging introspection; to heighten artistic sensibilities through guided exploration.
  3. To develop leadership qualities and self-reliance by encouraging each participant to take on significant projects and responsibilities for the program and to gain experience in motivating others.
  4. To offer and demonstrate by example a strong working philosophy of living characterized by the belief that personal fulfilment flows from making lifelong commitments to serving society through the pursuit of humanitarian goals.

The comprehensive program of Camp Rising Sun Europe is inspired by the program of its counterpart in the USA. The Camp Rising Sun program is designed to implement the objectives first stated by George E. Jonas, founder of Camp Rising Sun.

These objectives are promoted not only in the structure of the daily program schedule, but also in the process and methods by which the program is implemented and evaluated.