Tasks of GEJF

The aim of The George E. Jonas Foundation is to run a European summer school for young people in order to promote international understanding, tolerance and cooperation on a humanistic and democratic basis.

As many European countries as possible are represented in the summer school. The strong desires of the Eastern and Central European countries to share in the development of future European democratic, social and cultural values is a major challenge for the coming generation of young Europeans.

The foundation was instituted on March 2, 1996, by The Camp Rising Sun Alumni Association of Denmark. This association consists of alumni from two similar international summer schools in USA, Camp Rising Sun, from 1946 until today. The association gives support to the foundation which is named after the founder of the American summer schools.

In about 20 European countries there are alumni from the American summer schools, an in a number of these countries they take part in the selection of boys and girls to the summer schools, mainly through their national alumni associations.

In the summer of 2001 Camp Rising Sun Europe celebrated its first season with great success, followed by an equally successfull season in 2002.

The effort to secure funds for future seasons continues, and therefore one of the principal task of the foundation is fundraising from private and public donors.